Tuesday, September 29, 2009

dress of my dreams

oh no, my friends, i have sadly stumbled upon the dress of my dreams.

perfection! i am not one to fantasize of high-class fancy occasions to have to go to that would require fancy dresses, nor one who aspires to get married, but i almost want to... want to get married so i can wear this dress?

it is my size, but it is also, oh ho ho ho, $980. sadly it looks like it is worth every penny, pennies i could never spend on a dress.

Monday, September 28, 2009

how sad, i could not register garconniere! so we here we are, a slight variation on a theme. i will be posting a mandate for my fashion blog in the next week, and will hopefully begin uploading regularly afterwards. expect film reviews, style inspiration, and a whole lot of very critical writing about my love-hate relationship with the fashion industry.

but who is la garçonnière? you'll get to know me very quickly via my posts, but for the moment here is a little bit about why i chose the monicker garçonnière:

Important to the popularity of the bob was the 1922 publication of Victor Margueritte's novel La garçonne, about a young "modern woman" who rejects her bourgeois family, cuts her hair, adopts male dress, and leads a "liberated" life in Paris.

According to René Rambaud, the novel, which became an overnight best seller, inspired young women throughout France to cut their hair and to follow the new style "a l'allure garçonnière." After 1922, the new styles were associated particularly with the young, sexy, independent "garçonne" or "femme moderne."

- Mary Louise Roberts, Samson and Delilah Revisited: The Politics of Women's Fashion in 1920s France

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