Thursday, November 19, 2009

some thoughts


been struggling lately with what i want this to be, and how i can find the time to make it what i want to be. i've decided i'd rather take my time with my written articles than simply force them out there without proofreading/editing them. so for now, you get lots of pretty pictures and some rants from time to time, when i find the time! phew, teaching has been quite intense these days.

this november i've had two really splendid weekends with friends who are too far away, and as always, have been thinking lots of interesting thoughts about the intersection of politics and fashion. talking to queer friends about how femme we want to present ourselves, showing each other our favourite dresses that we haven't seen each other wear since we've seen each other once this year. talking to fat friends about shopping for clothes, and limitations. why can't anyone (i.e: retailers) understand the simple concept that fat people want to be stylish too?

the main discussion that has been stuck in my head was after hanging out with sves. trying on glasses in a few stores and thinking about what we want in a pair of frames. i have some jot notes in my moleskin later that day, "framing of the face, framing identity," and other random thoughts scrawled down. a quote in bust magazine's latest issue, "do you have a can't live without it wardrobe item? well, probably my glasses because i can't see without them!" think i could whip up a great article about the importance of a good pair of frames. experiences of gender presentation, class, ability and all sorts of other thoughts popped up even just after browsing casually on a sunny afternoon in montreal.

in other news, my good friend salima started a blog called stop self-hate. it sounds like a really great project for her and i'm excited to see how it turns out. read her first post and share your thoughts and resources!

also, my friend julia horel is guest-blogging at (a great feminist magazine based in toronto) about size acceptance, and so far the topics have been quite varied and generated interesting discussion. she's been posting some great links i hadn't read before, and i've been interested in this topic for years! for a really good size/fat acceptance 101, check out her posts here.

aaaaand just so this isn't text only, here are three photos from the first snowfall of the year (october 22nd). thankfully november has not been too bad so far (knock on wood!) but i should get used to long, brutal winters if i'm planning on living in québec city for the next little while.


brown trenchcoat: thrifted in '06, ptbo value village
mustard beret: thrifted in '09, québec city value village
scarf: gift, h&m
skirt: h&m
winter boots: free! from le vestiaire
laptop bag: christmas gift from parents, acme brand

all of those pretty leaves are gone now.