Tuesday, February 9, 2010


there are so many things i have been trying to find the time to write about, but for now they are relegated to point form scrawls in my dilapidated moleskin. but the things that are most relevant to you, my dear readers, is the fact that i recently attended some conferences at la musée des beaux arts de québec about the connections between art and fashion. there are two more conferences in the next month and i am quite excited for them and will share pictures, thoughts and quotes when it is all said and done.

also, i recently starting working at a used bookstore and have been finding treasure after treasure. we often have to throw out old tattered books that are more often than not out of print and i have been taking the precious ones home with me. i will share the best ones with you soon!

but for now you can keep up with the images i love on tumblr.

currently reading:

the language of fashion by roland barthes
camera lucida by roland barthes
the fashion book, published by phaidon
souffrir pour être belle edited by jean yves collette and pauline hamel
debut: yves saint laurent 1962 by laurence benaim
lorsque j'étais une oeuvre d'art by erik-emmanuel schmitt

currently listening to:
ebony bones
the breeders - last splash (1993)
justin hinds and the dominoes
miriam makeba & the skylarks
jeffrey lewis
cbc radio's wachtel on the arts

"Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?"

currently watching:
wild at heart (david lynch, 1990)
a serious man (coen brothers, 2009)
fargo (coen brothers, 1996)
volver (almodovar, 2008)
whip it (barrymore, 2009)
tabou: zohre & manouchehr (mitra farahani, 2003)


AFitz said...

Not gonna lie, Whip it was my favourite movie of 2009

{Tara} said...

Great list! I'm happy to have found another academic fashion/culture blog [I found you via Threadbared]. The Barthes book has been on my 'must-read' list for a while. Volver and Wild at Heart are two of my favorite all-time films!

Andi B. Goode said...

Yesss. I love Wild at Heart!!!
Also, those Roland Barthes' books sound like they'd be really interesting.
-Andi x

julia aka garconniere said...

afitz: it was so much better than i thought it would be. they could have ommitted the entire love story in my opinion because i was far more interested in the really positive representation of a community of badass supportive women. so refreshing!

tara: you definitely need to check our barthes. sometimes it's a bit dense and takes some digesting but it's a good challenge. i'm enjoying it. and i'm glad we share some favourite films! the colours in volver blow my mind every time.

andi: it is so good/bad!! i love it. i knew i would love it within the first ten minutes. and in regards to barthes, i first read camera lucida when i was in first year university, and it was way over my head. i'm glad i kept my copy though, and am re-reading it 6 years later. enjoying it a lot more now.

i'm hoping to post a recommended reading list sometime in the near future and classing them in categories like "easy to read" and "you'll have to read it four times before you really -get- it"

Kaitlyn said...

Whip it was a pretty good movie, funny that a song from last splash was in it too and its also in your list xD...

julia aka garconniere said...

kaitlyn: i know! i'm glad you noticed that too. i was pretty amused. overall i enjoyed the music choices for the movie, particularly peaches <3

Anonymous said...

You are reading and watching some damn fine things!!! I just watched Fargo for the first time ever last night and I was so involved. I missed a birthday party because I couldn't tear myself away. And the first photo--where did you get such an extraordinary photos. I would love to have Bloody Mary's with these women...


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