Thursday, March 18, 2010



for the past few months (oh who am i kidding, years) i've been trying to flesh out my ideas about self-portraits. why i take them, why they are interesting, why i find them so thought-provoking. but since every time i sit down to write about them, i end up writing a novel, i decided to simply share some self-portraits with you guys while i work out some actually writing. i realized i still had yet to share my favourite self-portraits i took while i was in mexico back in december. it's about time i shared them with you.

barra de navidad
(view this one larger, it's much better that way)

this one, i love because it's all about the mistakes; i had no idea there would be the shadows of the clothesline and powerlines cast on me. i didn't know i would hear a noise crashing in the kitchen that distracted me so that i wasn't looking (posing) at the camera. my favourite self-portraits are always the mistakes, the surprises.

also, in these photos, we see my uniform from my time in mexico. i bought that dress the first time i went to a tiny thrift store in ste. foy for a whole dollar, and only get to wear it when it's really really hot. so far it was worn for one day in québec city, three days in brooklyn in august, and five days in mexico.

notre cours d'en arrière
(i tried to recreate the mistakes from the first photo i took in that spot but to no avail)

clay pot

la hacienda


i might share a few more later, but these are my absolute favourites. to see more or comment on them, you can see them on my flickr.


Anonymous said...

These are incredibly beautiful portraits - the colours are so very rich and make me want to step right through the frame!

[from Jess / uberhero-on-Livejournal]

Andi B. Goode said...

As I said, I love these photos. I can't quite articulate why, though, at this point.
It's funny because I take SO many pictures of myself but no self portraits. I think they're very different. My intention is to document my outfit and I suppose it shows something of myself in it but I never view them as self-portraits, if that makes sense. Even using myself as a model for my artwork - not self-portraits. I'm just the model used to convey my ideas. Self portraiture is such an interesting area.
-Andi x

Ligeia said...

beautiful series of shots
looks like a place to get lost several times :)


Michele said...

Very nice pictures!

Le Jardin said...

great pictures

visit, leave your mark, follow?

bunnyteeth said...

Self portraits are strange. In the context of a blog, I feel like it's a way to get personal with your readers, a way to say look into my eyes. A lot of bloggers don't post photos of themselves at all- it's too much.
Bug when you think about it, (in a descartes kind of way), your face is the least personal thing about you- you have little control over it & you can't even look at it directly yourself. (etc)
But still. I always feel I know a blogger better if I can see their face. It makes their words less abstract.

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