Thursday, June 3, 2010

end of may getaway: what i wore


to take a break from the city and the seemingly endless job hunt, i decided to head to la pocatière to visit a good friend of mine, and boy am i glad i did.

this was the house i stayed at. my friend ashlee told me it is the oldest house in the town. all of the other houses that were built around the time the city was founded in the 1670s were destroyed when the english attacked in 1759. this house survived, and dates from around that time. ashlee lives there with four lovely people, a one month old baby, a cat and her four kittens, and a ferret. we listened to lots of 90s nostalgia inducing music while cooking, and watched episodes of malcom in the middle while we weren't enjoying the beautiful weather.

on the last day of my visit, the morning seemed calm and beautiful, another sunny day ahead. but a storm arrived in a flash, the temperature dropped, and then all was wonderful and beautiful again. none of my attempts at capturing the beauty of the storm succeeded, so here are a dozen photos of me enjoying the sun in my new favourite dress.


i think it's supposed to be a slip; i bought it at my favourite thrift store in ste. foy, where they sell things for pennies. literally. this dress was 99 cents.


i know.

and the flowers in the backyard matched the colour perfectly! don't take my word for it, here's proof:




this was right before the storm struck

during the storm, i took a few in the greenhouse space of the house. the lighting was really eerie and beautiful, and i found wonderful old wallpaper (my favourite).

trip,road trip,wilderness,farm,summer,fun,friends

trip,road trip,wilderness,farm,summer,fun,friends

trip,road trip,wilderness,farm,summer,fun,friends



and of course, after the storm, we enjoyed a magnificent sunset.


trip,road trip,wilderness,farm,summer,fun,friends




do yourself a favour and watch the sunset tonight.
find a rooftop, a window, a front yard, a park bench.
it'll do you some good, i promise.


A-Dubs said...

What a gorgeous series of images. And that dress is exquisite!

I'll be checking out my city's sunset in a few short hours, as per your directive.

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

What an amazing dress! And what a gorgeous location. I love the photo of your shadow on the grass.

Andi B. Goode said...

Beautiful photos. And that dress is divine. I almost wish we were going into spring here, now. Almost.
-Andi x

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos! i love the light + wallpaper + that dress. so pretty.

xo Alison

Ligeia said...

I adore this set of shots!



Karine said...

I've never seen a slip so beautiful, it has to be on the outside! I've been checking your blog and I just wanted to say I love your style, the wonderful pictures, but mostly your great writing full of theoretical/activist critiques, love it!

bonjour de Montréal :)

everyoneisdoomed. said...

amazing, as always.

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