Monday, July 12, 2010

hiatus: on the road

on the road

as you may have noticed, i have been away from the internet for the past little while and will have sporadic access for another week or two. i miss you guys, but it's been a good break. the more time i spend away from the internet, the more i think about what i love about social media and, let's be honest, what i hate about it. remembering what is so great about dis/re/connecting...

but to be brief: i've been having some really amazing experiences here in mexico and i can't wait to write about them and share them with family and friends. i've been listening to (and trying to understand) a lot of spanish, learning how to use an SLR, taking many rolls of film, and traveling all over the place with strangers, lovers, and best friends. writing, thinking, singing, and laughing. i lost my moleskin in estacion de catorze, sadly, but i'm telling myself it is probably the world's way of telling me i may need a fresh start. july has been all about renewal.

to tide you over until i provide you with some more cultural criticism and fashion discussions, here is a mix i made for our nine day road trip through distrio federal, san luis potosi, queretaro, and veracruz. it starts off dancy and ends mellow and slow, with a lot of simon's favourites scattered throughout (i thought i should cater to his tastes seeing as he did all of the driving over the course of nine days). enjoy!

1. a sweet summer's night on hammer hill - jens lekman
2. down in mexico - the coasters
3. swimming - martha & the muffins
4. on vacation - the robot ate me
5. odessa - caribou
6. 16th & valencia, roxy music - devendra banhart
7. timebomb - beck
8. IRM - charlotte gainsbourg
9. desert eagle - ratatat
10. texico bitches - broken social scene
11. you're the one - the black keys
12. drivin' on 9 - the black keys
13. summer light - the cave singers
14. you're dead - richard laviolette
15. game shows - plants and animals
16. wet road - scout niblett
17. jesus loves me - cocorosie
18. chocolate jesus - tom waits

as always, if you like the songs, support the artists by buying their cds
at your local record store and going to their shows!

in the desert


teresa said...

i'm glad you're having so much fun!

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