Friday, July 16, 2010

self-portraits: characters/decay

the "artist" at work

a bad habit of mine i've been trying to change is actually sharing some of the thousands of photos i take. i still have ones from last fall i took with the explicit goal of sharing them here and other places online... but here they are, still stagnating and find ways to get lost on my harddrive. but not this time.

on my last day in quebec city before i head to mexico via toronto, i decided to sneak into an apartment in the midst of renovations with some tools of my own: vintage dresses, lingerie, jewelry and of course my trusty pentax. the canon rebel doing the photo taking is courtesy of my wonderful friend ben. here are a handful of the results... i'll upload a few more to flickr later.



knobby knees




ode to tamil

also, off-topic: i'm looking for inspiration for a new layout. i still have a lot of love for the one susanna made for me, but i keep thinking back to why i made this blog in the first place... it's time for something more streamlined so you can easily see where else i post online, and an atmosphere that fosters more comments and discussions (i don't know about you guys, but i really dislike the way blogger handles comments and have been seriously considering moving to something more like wordpress). one of my main goals with this blog was to generate discussions and i often end up feeling like we don't get the chance to respond to one another individually.

aside from that aspect, aesthetically i'd really love something vintage inspired and classic, kind of like clevernettle, verhext, celine pinckers or katerina d'autremont. or perhaps i should just go the simple route and go for a nice header, something like cardboard sea has, or the wonderful nikki dekker. last but not least, what do you bloggers use for stat counter? i've been applying for guest blogging positions and things of the sort and the one i've been using for a month is not really cutting it. if anyone has any tips in this html department, suggestions of how to make or adapt your own layouts, your favourite blog layouts, etc, send me an email (juliacaron AT gmail DOT com) or leave a comment! sorry for all the technical boring discussions.


A-Dubs said...

These images are wonderful - thanks for sharing, and please continue to do so! I love the contrasts you create here. Also, the light is exquisite.

Andi B. Goode said...

If you go to you can now see stats in blogger. Other than that, everything gets too complicated for me ;]
-Andi x

anja louise verdugo said...

You should check to see what kind of comments Liebemarlene is using on her blog redesign, they have a great little "reply" function so you can respond to comments in sort of a thread format... I think she's using wordpress now, but I've never tried to use a different type of comments so I can't really tell you how to do it though!

Natalya said...

you look so classic in the closeup with the gown. I love how natural you look. Stunner.

nicolette said...

i'm so inspired by you. these are incredible!

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

Hi, I just found your blog and absolutely love it! putting you on my blogroll :) I would love for you to check out my blog!

xxx Anika

explicit.rex said...

you are awesome

Ligeia said...

i adore your sp!
that's how I started in photography

well done beauty!!


Sewon said...

i have the same issue of keeping way too many photos in my harddrive that i've been meaning to share. i'm also considering moving to wordpress (especially b/c blogspot is illegal in china, where i'll be relocating to later this summer). p.s. where in mexico are you headed? i lived there with my boyfriend for almost half a year. we just moved back home about a month ago.

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