Sunday, August 8, 2010

what i wore today: femme tea party

pervers/cité is happening in montreal this week, and let me tell you i am wishing i could be there. yesterday, there was a femme tea party happening in montreal at parc jarry from two to five. seriously, how can you resist an awesome (bilingual!) invitation like this one:
Mixer for femmes of all genders and our friends! Come frolic in all your finery and enjoy a terribly refined afternoon of iced tea, cupcakes, games and a fabulous femme photoshoot. Rain or shine.
seriously. what femme is not reading that and thinking "AH I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!"

if you're like me, and couldn't make it there, what would you have worn? instead of moping around about the fact that i couldn't meet up with some of my wonderfully sexy montrealer queers, like my friend jesse, i decided to get dressed up anyway, even though i just had a pretty dreary lazy sunday at home and running errands.

here's my outfit:

vintage hat + veil: emmaüs thrift store, qc
necklace: gift from meghan
shirt: zara, thrifted from le vestiaire
black shawl: le vestiaire
gloves: from le vestiaire
sandals: thrifted from village des valeurs, qc.

and then i had tea for one.

did any of my readers out there attend the femme tea party? i can't wait to see the results of the photoshoot! what did you wear? what kinds of conversations did you have? how gorgeous did everyone look?

oh yes! and i almost forgot, i have a little announcement: yeah, sure, i love writing about fashion culture from a critical feminist perspective here, but i like to write about other things, too! film, for one! shameless mag invited me to cover film fridays over there starting next week. i can't decide whether to start with the runaways or youth in revolt... comment there to make requests and all that jazz.

until then,


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inthewolf said...

Really!? I live, literally, two minutes away from Parc Jarry, and have my whole life. I bike through there every day and that was my park growing up!! Beau gros dommage...

Andi B. Goode said...

Well, you look amazing!
-Andi x

Ligeia said...

fantastic outfit missy!!

I love it!! so elegant perfect for the ocassion


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