Sunday, August 15, 2010

current (long) hair inspiration

things are hectic, happening, hilarious in my life at the moment and i'm away from the computer trying to soak it all up. you would not believe the amount of writing i have in the "drafts" folder on my dashboard, nor the ridiculous amounts of inspiration being thrown at me every single day. so it is not for lack of fodder that i have been absent! rather, lack of time alone with my thoughts and my words.

in the meantime, dear readers, you get some lovely fluff.

in mid-august, my partner's mother gave me a nice set of bangs. the amount of hair i have on my head at the moment is still shocking and surprising to me, but i must admit i am really enjoying it. so in lieu of actual critical discourse about the politics of hair length/texture/colour, i'm simply going to post pictures of people who always made me want to have the haircut i am currently rocking.

needless to say a lot of them are french brunettes.

julie doiron

cat power circa "you are free"

jane birkin

françoise hardy

seriously style icon for life.

eline ros


and of course, uncredited images from tumblr

hedy scott, playboy 1965

and with this last heat wave of the summer, i really just feel like doing this:

happy last days of summer!


Andi B. Goode said...

I do love that last image. Almost as much as I love Francoise Hardy.
-Andi x

Michelle said...

Hurray for fluff--a little Francoise Hardy was just what I needed. I'm at the annoying medium-length stage and will definitely indulge in some bangs after summer.

Anonymous said...

Fifth from last- what an incredible picture! Messy hair and such gorgeous aesthetics- I couldn't have styled that better myself.

I used to have longggggg hair and this post makes me miss it a little bit. For me cutting it short and asymmetrical was the inspirational plunge, though! :D

Good luck with the drafts & cobbling together all those ideas! I know how that is.


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