Monday, April 12, 2010

what i wore last week: easter weekend in trenton


i visited my (birth and chosen) family in ontario last week and had a wonderful time. seeing my sisters always puts me in a good mood. i also finally had the chance to watch an education (which everyone was telling me i had to see) with my mother which i quite enjoyed and found interesting... triggered a lot of thoughts about own feelings about youth, sexuality and clothing as costume/transformative. looking forward to see what carey mulligan will do next.

more generally, i had a lot of time for discussions and reflections on where i'm at in my life right now and where my friends and family are. it was a really good way to put things in perspective, and one of the things that resounded with me the most was my desire to write more. that i can write no matter what is going on in my life, that i never lack inspiration.

i've always been the kind of person who felt like spring was a better time for renewal than the new year, so a lot of changes are in the works for me right now.

without further ado, here are some more pictures of my trenton adventures:

bike rides along lake ontario


this cat hates me. a lot.


shirt: borrowed from my little sister
key necklace: from an antique shop, chain thrifted
skirt: vintage clothing sale in ottawa 2009, $15

i adore this skirt. it is a simple cotton dress with a floral print, which sounds standard enough, but it's all about the little details. the buttons around the waist, the scalloped edges, the colour combinations. i purchased it in november but have had a hard time incorporating it into my wardrobe simply because it is so unique and i wasn't sure which shirts/colours to pair it with. so far black has been simplest, but i also paired it with a pale blue and a bold yellow told and both combinations looked nice as well.

but the story! i haven't even gotten to the story: the woman who sold it to me told me it belonged to her aunt. (background: usually, when you buy vintage, it is standard to ask if it came from a smoke-free or pet-free home, but you usually don't get this much detail) her aunt was a devout jehovah's witness, who never smoked, drank, or married. this does not make the garment pristine, however. it has little stains around the waist but that makes me love it even more (and made it affordable; it was originally priced at $40, then $30, then i snagged it for $15) and the story makes it all the more precious to me. i feel like i want to be particularly debaucherous every single time i wear it. i love having stories like these.

i also did my hair, on a very, very rare occassion. i want to do things more often but the reality is that i own little to no hair products other than shampoo, conditioner and hairspray and i am terribly lazy. i've often said i wish andi could come give me lessons.

my sisters and i headed to the mall in belleville to visit my favourite photobooth and had a mild shock; for a moment it looked as though it had been replaced with one of those newfangled digital contraptions i loathe. but! it was still there. i forgot it i trenton so i can't share the strip with you but here are some pictures from our wanderings:


four inch studded heels. damn they look hot but i could not walk in them. at all. i don't understand how anyone can.

jasmine refusing to pose in her four inch python t-strap heels.

getting engaged to my sister... yeah.

check out that rock.

thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I really like that skirt and the history behind is not too bad. Where do you live usually?


Andi B. Goode said...

It IS nice to have those little stories behind articles of clothing. I wish I had more for mine.
And your hair looks cute! The only other product I have is setting lotion!!
-Andi x

Ligeia said...

beautiful skirt!
and those heels are superb :D


Regan said...

love that skirt, love the story. Since the first part of its life it had a staid existence with the Jehovah's Witness, I think you should entertain the skirt by taking it out for dancing and drinking.

Amie said...

I sometimes like to imagine the previous owners of my thrifted items, but the story of your skirt is just awesome. And it's a gorgeous skirt to boot.

I really love the third photo with the bike, it's beautiful.

__ said...

heya! i'm from ontario too! you left me a comment a while ago, and just wanted to say i'm loving your blog.

xx kate

Anonymous said...

Love this post!
I just stumbled upon your blog today and left a comment on your very first post.
I'm really loving you.
You're hired!

Unknown said...

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