Sunday, October 18, 2009

work, all the way in the wilderness

i started a new teaching contract last week, which is nice and all, but it is unfortunately very, very far from home. saying it's in "québec city" is a bit of a stretch... a good two hour commute taking into consideration waiting for the buses and the transfers and all that jazz. but! the students are great, and the walk to work from the bus station is beautiful. there is a gorgeous bike path along the river and amazing foliage this time of year. it won't be as nice to have this commute in december, but for now it is enjoyable. while waiting (an hour) for the bus i took some pictures to pass the time, so here you have them!

i always end up overthinking what to wear to a first day of work... i usually don't dress much differently than normally for work, but now that i am teaching people much older than myself, i tend to always wear my glasses, my hair up, and something a bit more formal. i think this is something i'm really comfortable in because it is something i love, kinda gives you an idea of what i'm like, but is still professional without being stiff, vintage without being costumey. how do you guys feel about first day of work outfits? do you have a go-to outfit every time, or do you just kind of go with the flow depending on what kind of work it is? good luck charms?

dress: vintage 1940s with lovely fake diamond detailing, 20$ on queen street east (highly underrated vintage shopping in toronto)
coat: h&m circa 2006
tights: simons, best place for thick winter ones! 8$ on sale
earrings: naked lady party exchange
scarf: h&m, gift
boots: le vestiaire (thrift store where i volunteer... so they were free!)


Andi B. Goode said...

That dress is beautiful (and looks great on you).
-Andi x

Ileana D'cruz said...

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