Monday, October 26, 2009

zombie walk 2009

zombie silent film stars

i am a big fan of zombie walks, even though i've only participated in them twice. my first venture into the world of zombie walks was last year in toronto, when i went with my friend morgan. as you can see above, we had a lot of fun getting dressed up and walking the streets scaring small children.

recently, i was complaining to my friends in québec city that it is too bad there isn't an annual zombie walk here... and then a week later i discovered there was! this past friday, i failed in convincing 99% of my friends to come with me, but successfully got my good friend ashlee to come. and boy were we the happiest zombies you've ever seen. most everyone else had tons of blood or dirt or other various things but ashlee and i were limited to white face paint and eyeliner. i think we did well with what we had!

zombies or ghosts?

yes, you are seeing things properly: there is snow on the ground. in october. it snowed all day on thursday and made for some great eerie photos. here are some of my favourites. i wish i had taken some of the group but it would be out of character for a zombie to be taking group photos! braaaaaaaaaainssss!!!

zombie beauty queens

the big friendly zombie

pre-zombiefied outfitzombie widow
pre-zombie, post-zombie

zombie widows
zombie team! zombie widows

zombies in the snow


zombie close-up

edited to add: just found some group photos! some are great, this is my favourite

can you find me among the happy zombies? it's like where's waldo... but with zombies!


Maria Confer said...

Love both your zombie photos!! You and your friends make such elegant zombies.

Snow!! Love it, but it's too soon.

Rose said...

Wow, I think they have a zombie walk in Adelaide, i would probably be the last ever person to participate, but i would love to watch :) You both looked great.


Andi B. Goode said...

We do have one in Adelaide - I didn't find out about it 'til afterward. Looks like fun! I think you make a smashing zombie.
-Andi x

Ileana D'cruz said...

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