Tuesday, December 8, 2009

etsy update: now introducing menswear

etsy update! click on the photo to go check out the shop.

here are a few photos. click on any of them to go to the item in the photo:

introducing: andy the reluctant model

1976 olympic sweater! i am thinking about putting this on ebay just to see how much it goes for... i couldn't find any other ones online but most olympic clothing goes for pretty pricey. i priced it still reasonable, though, since it's not perfect, but still AWESOME.

introducing: sam, my co-worker! we teach together on tuesdays. and she just happens to be a total babe who fits into the tons of extra-small/small stuff i've accumulated over the years.

it hurts my heart that this dress doesn't fit me anymore :(:(:(

love this dress SO much.

aaaaand there's tons more medium/large stuff coming before the end of the month! hopefully everything will be up and listed before the 20th. i've got at least 20 more items to list, so check back often.


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