Monday, December 21, 2009

top ten films of the decade you (probably) haven't seen

okay, so i know this is my feminist fashion blog, but since i put a lot of time and thought into this i thought i'd share it here as well. you can read a bit about each one of them by clicking on the title, and feel free to comment here or on tumblr. this list should not be confused with a "best of!" they are just my personal favourites that i think are criminally underrated. when i started writing my favourites of the decade, i realized they were all already films people knew and loved as well (the royal tenenbaums, amélie, cliché, cliché, cliché) so this one was a bit more fun and creative to make.

julia's top ten films of the decade you (probably) haven't seen

10. battle in heaven (carlos reygadas, 200)
9. the visitor (thomas mccarthy, 2007)
8. polytechnique (denis villeneuve, 2009)
7. house of sand (andrucha waddington, 2005)
6. atarnajuat: the fast runner (zachariah kunik, 2001)
5. the edge of heaven (fatih akin, 2007)
4. wet hot american summer (david wain, 2001)
3. palindromes (todd solondz, 2004)
2. red road (andrea arnold, 2006)
1. xxy (lucia puenzo, 2007)


Andi B. Goode said...

Hahaha. Wet Hot American Summer is actually the only film on this list I've seen. I think the only things I liked about it were the dungeon master kid and that Eliot from SVU was in it and liked to fondle sweaters. But I'm not really a fan of gross-out humour which could be why it wasn't exactly my cup of tea. But it was still pretty good.
-Andi x

brodie said...

oh, palindromes! todd solodz can do no wrong! i saw both that and wet hot american summer on the recommendation from a friend, whose movie taste seems very similar to yours!

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