Thursday, September 23, 2010

currently reading: cat party

anyone who knows me knows of my fondness for cats (well, of animals in general). so when i discovered i love cat party, i was excited and happy to find a blog that combines a love of cats, a love of fashion, and a combination of the two.


favourite posts include:

louise brooks in pandora's box (g.w. pabst, 1929)
aaaaaaand last but not least, colette with cats:

i love her sense of humour, love of pop culture, and little hilarious jabs at celebrity worship. the perfect balance of kitsch, ridiculousness, and awesome taste. just what i needed to waste my thursday afternoon.

that is all.

have a nice day!


Jenny said...

i am a hardcore cat enthusiast as well! We have three...Max, Ernst and Marcelle. Really pretensious names work well for cats, non? Though I also like how the singer from Best Coast calls her cat Snacks.

have you seen this random hilarious video about the gorilla who loved a kitten?

thank you for your comment on my blog lady :)

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