Saturday, October 30, 2010

halloween 2010: the shining

from the shining (kubrick, 1980)


come play with us



dresses: handmade by annemarie,
made with fabric we got at a flea market for 8$
hair clips: 99 cents
white knee socks: 2/5$
ribbons: from my closet
shoes: ours, changed laces to match

total cost: 14$, 7$ each! pretty sweet.

some other fun costumes from last night:

1980s wrestling champion

cute flapper

homemade! from scratch! stormtrooper costume

also, i wrote a little article over at shameless about problematic halloween costumes. read it here.
i'm going to try out another costume tonight, hopefully it will go over as well as this one did.

happy halloween!


Jenni said...

Sweet costume(s)! You make great Shining twins! I enjoyed your article over at shameless, too. My partner works at a Halloween store and in a move which completely misses the point, they changed the "Cowboys and Indians" section to "Cowboys and Native Americans". Oy.

bookselves said...

I thought "1980s wrestling champion" was "juliette lewis!"

i have not seen the shining and am too scared to look at even the youtube video you posted.

Britt & Jus said...

Hey Julia, its Wheels! Awesome, halloween pics! I'm going to follow you! Please check out my blog too! I have no followers yet ahha. Also, msg me your address and I will send you a postcard, I know you like them!

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